Friday, December 23, 2011

Prawn fry released

Free to spawn: Dr Mansor (fourth left), with Law (second left), Permatang Pasir assemblyman Salleh Man (third left) and other officials releasing the prawn fry in Sungai Kampung Terus.

SOME 15,000 prawn fry were released in Sungai Kampung Terus in Penanti, Penang, during a Farm Day Programme in Kampung Terus.

Penang Deputy Chief Minister (I) Datuk Dr Mansor Othman, who is also Penanti assemblyman, joined other VIPs in releasing the fry along a stretch of the river.

He also planted a coconut tree in the village after opening the event to commemorate the opening of the new Pondok Tani Kampung Terus.

Also present were Penang Agriculture Department director Md Saad Kasan and his deputy, Noor Mazirah.

More than 500 people turned up for the event. Among the activities held were a fishing competition which attracted 232 anglers and a cooking competition participated by 20 women.

Penang Agriculture, Agro-based Industry, Rural Development and Flood Mitigation Committee chairman Law Choo Kiang said the state government would embark on several programmes to attract more people to the agricultural sector.

He also said the river bank along Sungai Kampung Terus had the potential for waterfront activities that could be an ecotourism lure.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lions Club raises RM80,000, PKR donates RM10,000

AFTER raising RM80,OOO, the Lions Club of Bayan Baru organised a humanitarian mission to the Thai military camp in Songkhla, Thailand to deliver drinking water, instant noodles, diapers and other necessities.

The club’s Thailand Flood Relief Fund organising chairman Khoo Choon Aun said the visit on Oct 30 was facilitated by the Royal Thai Consulate, Penang.

He said the mission involved a convoy of three trucks and four cars led by the club’s president Datuk Goh Eng Hoe.

Khoo also said the convoy was escorted by the Thai Military Police from Bukit Kayu Hitam to the military camp in Hatyai where they were warmly received by the head of the military camp Colonel Tanin Suwankadee.

He said the aid was handed over to the military, on behalf of the Thai people.

“The mission spent RM50,000 on buying the essential items while the balance RM30,000 was donated to the Rajaprayanugroh Founda-tion,” Khoo said, adding that Thai consul-general Voradet Viravakin had received the RM30,000 cheque on behalf of the foundation on Oct 29.

The club had raised the funds by way of a fund raising campaign during the Bukit Jambul Hikethon on Oct 23.

“We are still continuing with the campaign until the situation in Thailand improves,” said Khoo, who is also the club’s immediate past president.

For those who are interested to help and donate to this cause, contact Khoo at 012-4215252 or Wong at 012-4918721.

Separately, the Penang PKR contributed RM10,000 to the Thai flood victims.

Half of the money was collected from its members and the other half raised in a charity sale recently.

Deputy Chief Minister I Datuk Mansor Othman, who is Penang PKR chairman, handed over the amount to Thai Consul-General Voradet Viravakin at the Thai Embassy on Tuesday.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giving out land leases for 60 or 99 years ‘nothing unusual’

KEPALA BATAS: There is nothing unusual about the state government giving out land leases for 60 years or 99 years, Deputy Chief Minister 1 Datuk Mansor Othman said.

He said such a move was in accordance to provisions under the law which was also practised by the previous administration.

He said that the north Seberang Prai district office had this year renewed 60-year leases on pieces of land in Sungai Lokan, Permatang Pauh to four individuals, who had earlier made way for the Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR) project in Bagan Dalam.

He said this after presenting TOL approval letters to 15 applicants at the district office here yesterday.

The 15 applicants had applied to renew their TOL on land in resettlement areas in Hujung Batu, Butterworth and in Ekor Kucing, Kepala Batas.

Early last month, Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) vice-president Huan Cheng Guan highlighted in the media that a DAP assemblyman and his brother were given a 60-year lease on a piece of agriculture land in Bukit Mertajam with an 88% discount on the premium.

In response, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said that the application was not new as the land was inherited from their mother.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cycling event helps foster goodwill

ABOUT 60 people, led by Deputy Chief Minister 1 Datuk Mansor Othman, cycled to three villages in his Penanti state constituency as part of a community out-reach programme.

The event, titled ‘Jom Pakat Kayuh’, was organised by the Tanah Liat Community Security and Develop-ment Committee (JKKK) and it was aimed at fostering goodwill among the villagers there.

The three villages were Kampung Tok Elong, Perkampungan Berapit and Kampung Tanah Liat while the participants were aged between eight and 71.

“We organised the cycling event as it would facilitate us to iden- tify problems faced by the people and to explain to them about the state government’s policies,” Mansor said after the event re- cently.

He said the event was more than just a cycling expedition as he also managed to inspect the progress work at Sungai Ara, which was selected to be deepened as part of a flood mitigation project.

Tanah Liat JKKK secretary Suhaimi Chee Mugther said the ride began at Kampung Tok Elong.

Suhaimi said the ride gave Mansor a better feel of his constituency.

“The event received an encouraging response from the villagers,” he added.

Sharp rise in investments from Singapore first half of year

PENANG received RM249mil in- vestments from Singapore from January to July this year, a sharp rise from the RM4mil investments last year.

Deputy Chief Minister 1 Datuk Mansor Othman said the low investments from Singapore last year was due to the global economic crisis at the end of 2008.

“Singapore, which mostly imports technology relating to aerospace, invested RM258mil in 2008 and RM193mil in 2009.

“The increase in investments is due to the efforts of the state government in disseminating information on investment opportunities in Penang,” he said in his winding-up speech.

Mansor said Malaysian Industrial Development Authority approved RM4.63bil worth of investments involving 56 projects in Penang in the first seven months of the year.

From that amount, local investments contributed RM1.04bil while RM3.59bil was from foreign direct investments, he said.

“As a result of investments last year, 21,618 jobs were created,” he said.

Jagdeep Singh Deo (DAP-Datuk Keramat) complained that there were no chairs, tables and even lightbulbs in the three halls used by the Community Security and Development Committees in his constituency when he received the keys to the buildings last year.

“Why has this happened? I was told by the district office that the items were given to the previous assemblyman.

“Were the items bought with his own money or were they government property?” he asked.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Program "Keep In touch" saya bersama Rakan-rakan Fb

Dengan segala hormatnya saya menjemput semua rakan-rakan Fb untuk ke program "Keep In touch" saya bersama Rakan-rakan Fb pada 13 November 2011 di Hotel NazaTalyya, Tanjung Tokong Pulau Pinang jam 5 petang. Sila berikan nama dan no. telefon ke email untuk pengesahan kehadiran. Terima kasih! Jumpa di sana!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011




Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

1. Alhamdulillah, bersyukur kita ke hadrat Allah S.W.T kerana dengan limpah kurnia dan izinNya, maka pada hari Jumaat yang berbahagia ini, kita dapat sama-sama meluangkan masa untuk berhimpun di sini sempena meraikan Majlis Perasmian Sekolah Agama Rakyat Batu Maung. Saya yakin dan percaya bahawa kehadiran tuan-tuan dan puan-puan adalah dengan hati yang penuh tulus ikhlas dan penuh harapan untuk melihat suatu perkembangan pendidikan anak-anak kita yang lebih positif dan lebih baik. Kehadiran tuan-tuan dan puan-puan juga menggambarkan sokongan padu terhadap institusi pendidikan agama di Pulau Pinang. Semoga Allah S.W.T memberkati dan merahmati majlis kita pada hari ini dan juga mempermudahkan segala urusan dalam usaha meningkatkan mutu pendidikan kepada anak-anak kita pada masa kini dan akan datang.

Muslimin dan muslimat yang dirahmati Allah,
2. Pendidikan merupakan sebahagian daripada hak asasi setiap orang. Ibu bapa pula memainkan peranan penting untuk membuat pilihan bagi menentukan corak dan jenis persekolahan yang hendak diberikan kepada anak-anak. Berhubung perkara ini, sebagai seorang Islam, kita semestinya yakin dan percaya bahawa pendidikan agama adalah tunggak kepada kecemerlangan hidup di dunia dan di akhirat. Dalam Islam, tujuan memperolehi ilmu bukan terbatas kepada kemajuan kehidupan di dunia sahaja, akan tetapi mencakupi alam selepas kehidupan dunia iaitu akhirat. Dalam erti kata lain, ilmu yang dicari itu bukan sahaja dapat memberikan kebahagiaan di dunia tetapi juga di akhirat. Ingatlah kepada peringatan Allah S.W.T sebagaimana firmanNya dalam surah al-Baqarah, ayat 200 yang bermaksud :

“Ada di antara manusia yang (berdoa dengan ) berkata : Wahai Tuhan Kami, berikanlah kepada kami (kebaikan) di dunia. (Orang-orang ini diberikan kebaikan di dunia) dan tidak ada baginya sedikitpun kebaikan di akhirat.”

Hadirin dan hadirat yang dimuliakan Allah,

3. Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang sememangnya amat mengambil berat dan perihatin terhadap institusi pendidikan agama khususnya sekolah agama rakyat. Merujuk kepada sirah nabawiyyah, pendidikan ummah dimulakan dengan aqidah dan akhlak sehinggakan Baginda S.A.W dapat membentuk suatu generasi hijrah yang kental semangatnya, beretika dan penuh ketaqwaan serta mampu mengharungi apa jua cabaran dalam melaksanakan tanggungjawab kepada diri, keluarga, masyarakat, negara dan agama.

Panduan dan pedoman yang ditinggalkan oleh Rasulullah S.A.W ini tidak akan sesekali diabaikan oleh kepimpinan Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang dalam usaha membangun dan memajukan umat Islam. Adalah menjadi matlamat pendidikan Islam untuk membentuk sahsiah pelajar yang baik sehingga dapat menilai antara yang baik dan yang buruk, antara yang benar dan yang batil, antara yang mulia dan yang keji. Menuntut ilmu bukan sekadar untuk mendapatkan sijil atau ijazah semata-mata, akan tetapi untuk difahami dan dihayati dalam kehidupan.

4. Dalam keadaan dunia hari ini yang penuh bercelaru dan menghadapi krisis nilai dan akhlak yang meruncing, Kerajaan Negeri sedar bahwa langkah segera dan lebih proaktif hendaklah diambil oleh kerajaan untuk memberi penekanan kepada pendidikan agama kerana ia membawa impak yang lebih besar kepada pembangunan manusia. Manusia yang mesti kita bangunkan pada hari ini ialah manusia yang tidak melupakan PenciptaNya dan tidak terpengaruh serta terpesona dengan keindahan dunia. Ilmuan yang ingin kita lahirkan ialah ilmuan yang sentiasa mengingati Allah di mana sahaja mereka berada dan tidak ghairah serta tidak bernafsu untuk menguasai dunia dan alam ini demi kepentingan diri sendiri.

Muslimin dan muslimat yang dirahmati Allah,

5.Kepimpinan Kerajaan Negeri ingin mengajak semua umat Islam di Malaysia untuk sentiasa mendokong dan menghayati agama dalam kehidupan. Di pihak kerajaan, kita akan berusaha untuk sentiasa meningkatkan jumlah peruntukan dari semasa ke semasa khususnya bagi menampung kos menaiktaraf bangunan dan menyediakan kemudahan serta prasarana yang lengkap dan lebih sempurna kepada sekolah agama rakyat dan lain-lain institusi pendidikan agama. Sebagai contoh, pada hari ini kita dapati Sekolah Agama Rakyat Batu Maung telah dinaiktaraf bangunan dan kemudahannya yang pada asalnya merupakan kelas KAFA di Masjid Batu Maung. Malah banyak lagi catatan kejayaan Kerajaan Negeri dalam usaha memartabadkan Islam di negeri ini. Misalnya penambahan peruntukan untuk agama Islam yang bertambah pada tahun ini sebanyak RM 33.33 juta jika dibandingkan dengan kerajaan terdahulu hanya sebanyak RM 12.5 juta. Malah guru KAFA juga turut menerima manfaat apabila kerajaan negeri memberikan peruntukan sebanyak RM 100,000 yang tidak pernah diberi oleh kerajaan terdahulu. Inilah antara bukti bahawa kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang berusaha untuk menjadi sebuah kerajaan yang berjiwa rakyat, yang mendengar suara rakyat, buat kerja rakyat dan mengembalikan hak rakyat.

Akhir kata, dengan lafaz Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, saya dengan sukacitanya merasmikan Sekolah Agama Rakyat Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang.

Sekian, Wabillahi Taufiq Wal Hidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lawyers, academics stand up for Aziz Bari

Constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari's colleagues in the legal and academic fraternity are standing shoulder to shoulder with the professor suspended by the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA).

In a press statement yesterday, the Association of Universiti Malaya Academic Staff (PKAUM) raised objections over the action, calling it a "gross violation of (Abdul Aziz's) academic freedom (and) his general right to expression".

Echoing Abdul Aziz's defence, PKAUM president and associate professor of law Azmi Sharom (left), said that the Sedition Act allows for constructive criticism of a ruler.

bloggers universe malaysia 010508 azmi sharom"In the case of (Abdul) Aziz, what he has done is merely to suggest that a ruler had acted beyond his constitutional bounds.

"This is a legitimate comment with no statement, direct or implied, made to incite hatred against the ruler," the UM lecturer said, calling also for a halt of the police sedition probe against Abdul Aziz.

He added that as an academic, Abdul Aziz will be approached for comments on matters related to his field, and "his duty is to use his expertise to enlighten the public in current issues related to his field".

Azmi said any academic must be allowed to do so, and action taken against the professor would "instill fear in the academic community".

"It is an indication that there is no academic freedom in Malaysia and when there is no academic freedom it is impossible for any development in our nation's intellectual capacity," he said.

Thousands throw in support

Meanwhile, NGO Lawyers for Liberty said that Abdul Aziz's persecution is a "clear denial of his basic right to freedom of speech guaranteed under Article 10 of the federal constitution."

The group of human rights lawyers, which also consists of UIA alumni, too, expressed dismay over curtailment of academic freedom, which it states is a "pre-requisite for Malaysia's transformation".

"This suspension is a mockery of the Najib administration's so-called 'greater reforms' to make Malaysia a more democratic and liberalised nation," said its member Afiq M Noor in a statement yesterday.

Afiq also called on the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to "not step beyond its boundaries" in its investigation of Abdul Aziz and news portal Malaysiakini, which carried his comments.

PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan said that the university’s excuse that Abdul Aziz’s statement “went against its interests is a lame excuse for suspension”.

“This sends a strong message that the views of academics are only acceptable if it supports the ruling party,” he said, raising suspicion of political interference.

He added that “brave pro-people lawyers” have come out from the professor’s tutelage and the university should apologise and reinstate the professor immediately.

At the time of writing, the Facebook support page 10,000 mahasiswa menyokong penuh Profesor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari set up yesterday had attracted over 9,164 supporters as at the time of writing.

Another support Facebook page Kami Bantah Penggantungan Dr Aziz Bari, also set up yesterday, had drawn more than 5,500 supporters.

Deputy ministers voice concern

Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah (right) had also expressed dismay over UIA's action.

NONE "I am distrubed and saddened by the case...I may not agree with everything (Abdul Aziz) says and if he is wrong, then he should be punished.

"But the matter is under investigation, so the decision to suspend (Abdul Aziz) raises questions," he said in a text message to Malaysiakini.

Saifuddin added that a report has been sought from the university on the matter.

He also acknowledged that students are planning to demonstrate in support of the law professor, and that "it is their right to do so".

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Gan Ping Sieu, too, expressed his concern on the microblogging site, Twitter, today: "Though I don't agree with many of Professor Aziz Bari's legal viewpoints, as a UIA (alumnus) I find his suspension by UIA really disturbing."

Penang Deputy Chief Minister Mansor Othman said: “The suspension is strange and a backward act and is against the perspective of encouraging critical minds among intellectuals. Any issue in the academic field needs academic answers and debates and should not be responded to with political power.

“Are we heading towards the likes of East Africa in our political will to kill the intellectual community? The ones who do not want to remain silent have to leave the country. I pray we do not come to this stage,” he said.

Mansor said the action against Aziz is not in line with Najib’s call to produce quality human capital (modal insan) to promote higher income and development by having qualified and motivated staff in public institutions of higher learning.

“Universities are the last bastion of intellectual tradition. If they are dragged into the arena of politics, these institutions will lose their intellectual mission.”

Abdul Aziz has been suspended pending investigation on his comments, relating to the royal decree on the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department search of the Damansara Utama Methodist Church on Aug 3.

He will have to respond to a show-cause letter by Oct 25.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

'Umno desperate, drags CM's son into dirty politics'

Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman has condemned those who dragged children into filthy political mud-slinging, saying they should be protected, not persecuted.

Mansor accused the Barisan Nasional and Umno of playing “politics without principles” by accusing Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s son of allegedly outraging the modesty of a female classmate.

“This show how low is the political ethics of the BN and Umno leaders who are willing to use such dirty political tactics to kill off the political careers of their opponents,” said Mansor during a press conference today.

NONE“It is quite shameless when power craziness has led BN and Umno to continue to do whatever it takes to retain power,” added Mansor, who is Penang PKR chief.

Mansor (left) was referring to allegations by pro-Umno blogger ‘Papagomo’, who accused Lim of trying to cover up his son’s alleged misdeeds.

He alleged that the DAP secretary-general had purportedly paid a large sum of money to keep the matter under wraps by transferring the son to another school.

He had also used a fake photograph to depict the victim of alleged molest by Lim’s 16-year-old son.

On Tuesday, an incensed Lim castigated pro-Umno bloggers for trying to finish off his political career by wrecking the life of his teenage son with “morally despicable and barbaric” lies.

Mansor said BN and Umno has eventually dragged Lim’s son into the picture as they have become desperate after feeling incapable of recapturing Penang through policy and administrative issues.

‘Politically bankrupt’

He added that their opponents are “politically bankrupt” and unable to attack the Pakatan Rakyat government in Penang over how it governs the state.

“This is because the state government favours the people in its administration, for example, by providing monetary awards to seniors citizens, children, single mothers and the disabled,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Mansor urged Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to protect children who are in danger of abuse, sexual assault and worst of all, political attacks.

He expressed hope that Sharizat will not remain silent on the matter, saying that the world is about to celebrate Children’s Day on Oct 22, with the theme ‘Promote Charisma of Children’.

“How do we promote children’s charisma if they continue to be dragged into the arena of dirty politics?” he asked.

“Children are the country’s future development continuity and should be protected, not maligned,” he added.

Today, Sharizat said children should not be dragged into political mud-slinging, regardless of whether it is the opposition being targeted or the BN government.



Mahatma Gandhi pernah menyebut dalam pidato politik ”Gandhi's Seven Deadly Sins” yang salah satunya adalah ”Politics without Principle´. Ternyata gaya politik yang diamalkan pada hari ini oleh UMNO dan BN adalah politik tanpa prinsip apabila dengan sedar telah mengheret anak lelaki YAB Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng ke kancah politik kotor mereka. Ini menunjukkan betapa rendahnya etika politik kepimpinan UMNO dan BN yang sanggup menggunakan taktik politik kotor dalam usaha membunuh karier politik lawan mereka.
Adalah sesuatu yang amat memalukan kepada negara ini apabila kegilaan kuasa menyebabkan UMNO dan BN sanggup melakukan apa sahaja untuk terus berkuasa. Tindakan mengheret kanak-kanak dalam kancak politik yang kotor ini adalah tindakan terdesak UMNO dan BN setelah melihat bahawa mereka tidak mampu untuk merampas Pulau Pinang dari Pakatan Rakyat dengan isu-isu pentadbiran dan dasar. UMNO dan BN telah bankrup politik untuk menyerang Pakatan Rakyat dari sudut keberkesanan urustadbir negeri yang terbukti mengutamakan rakyat di bawah dasar mesra rakyat seperti pemberian wang kepada warga emas, anak emas, ibu tunggal dan OKU.
Dalam masa yang sama, saya mengesa agar Kementerian Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat agar bertindak melindungi kanak-kanak daripada terus dijadikan objek untuk penderaan, serangan seksual dan paling menyedihkan serangan politik. Saya berharap agar Menteri Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat tidak berdiam diri dalam hal ini. Tambahan pula pada bulan ini kita akan menyambut Hari Kanak-Kanak Sedunia dengan tema ”Menjana Karisma Kanak-Kanak” yang akan disambut pada 22 Oktober ini di Seri Pentas. Bagaimanakah akan kita bina karisma kanak-kanak sekiranya kanak-kanak terus diheret ke lembah politik yang jijik?
Oleh itu saya dengan ini mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya tindakan mana-mana pihak menggunakan kanak-kanak untuk kepentingan politik dan kuasa. Kanak-kanak dan remaja adalah warisan penyambung pembangunan negara yang sepatutnya dilindungi, bukannya dianiayai.
Timbalan Ketua Menteri (1) Pulau Pinang

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BM Mountain Bike Carnival 2011

YB Dato Mansor bersama dengan YB Law Choo Kiang bergambar bersama peserta BM Mountain Bike Carnival 2011 yang diadakan di Taman Industri Sg Lembu, Penanti pada 16 Oktober 2011.

YB Dato Mansor menyampaikan hadiah kepada peserta BM Mountain Bike Carnival 2011

Kesemua peserta BM Mountain Bike Carnival 2011 sedang bersedia "flag off" yang disempurkan oleh Dato' Mansor Othman, Timbalan Ketua Menteri 1 Pulau Pinang. lebih 1500 orang peserta terlibat dalam acara tahun ini.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"EZ EG e-kerajaan lebih mudah" adalah tema bagi Pameran E-Kerajaan yang telah diadakan pada 15 Oktober 2011 yang lalu di Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya. Program ini adalah satu usaha yang berterusan Kerajaan untuk mendampingi rakyat.

Selain itu menurutnya, kaedah mendekati rakyat melalui turun padang seharusnya lebih kerap diadakan bagi memastikan rkayat berasa mudah untuk mendekati kerajaan untuk berurusan. Malah kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang berusaha untuk terus merapatkan hubungan dengan rakyat menerusi pelbagai acara dan ruang.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


MPSP memperuntukkan RM167 ribu bagi kerja-kerja menaik taraf pasar awam berkenaan yang dimulakan sejak awal bulan ini ujar Mansor Othman, Timbalan Ketua Menteri (1)

Katanya, kerja-kerja menaik taraf itu membabitkan penukaran lantai,mengecat semula pasar, menukar meja jualan serta membaiki longkang dan perpaipan bagi menyalurkan bekalan air kepada setiap peniaga yang berjumlah kira-kira 53 peniaga.

Disamping itu juga beliau berkata, tapak jualan makanan dan minuman yang terletak di luar pasar turut dinaik taraf bagi memberi keselesaan kepada pengungjung dan peniaga.

"Kita menjangkakan kerja-kerja ini (menaik taraf pasar) akan siap penghujung bulan November nanti.

"Pasar ini tidak pernah diselenggara sejak ia wujud bertahun lalu. Malah kerajaan terdahulu juga dilihat mengabaikannya. Justeru, hari ini, kita bantu bagi menghidupkan semula kawasan ini," katanya yang juga merupakan ADUN Penanti.

"Projek kedua adalah memperbaiki sistem paip dimana kita memastikan setiap peniaga di Pasar Awam Penanti ini mempunyai satu paip air. Ini dapat memudahkan para peniaga disini. Kos untuk memperbaiki paip adalah sebanyak RM 150 ribu ringgit" ujar beliau lagi.

Sementara itu, pada perkembangan berkaitan, Ahli Majlis MPSP, Amir Md Ghazali memberitahu peniaga pasar malam Penanti akan dipindahkan selepas kerja menaik taraf jalan dalam kawasan pasar siap.

Menurutnya, pemindahan peniaga itu sebenarnya sudah pun dirancang sejak lima tahun lalu, namun, ia tertangguh kerana tiada tempat sesuai.

Bagaimanapun, katanya,selepas berbincang akhirnya kata putus diperoleh dan kesemua peniaga akan dipindahkan ke tapak baru di sepanjang pasar awam hingga ke pusat perniagaan Penanti.

"Kita menerima banyak rungutan sebelum ini mengenai tapak pasar malam yang beroperasi setiap Isnin itu begitu dekat dengan rumah penduduk di Taman Penanti.

"Justeru, kita berharap dengan adanya tapak baru ini bukan dapat menyelesaikan masalah penduduk, tetapi juga aliran trafik di pekan Penanti yang mana ia bakal dijadikan laluan sehala," katanya.

Beliau berkata, proses pemindahan peniaga akan dilakukan bermula tahun hadapan, selepas tapak baru siap pembinaannya Disember ini.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Delay in Penang Sentral project worries state govt

THE state government is concerned over the lack of progress at the RM2.7bil Penang Sentral project in Bagan Dalam, Butterworth.

Deputy Chief Minister I Datuk Mansor Othman said the project was launched by former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in July 2007 and the first phase was supposed to be completed by this year.

The project’s first phase costing RM400mil involved the construction of permanent bus and taxi terminals with access to the railway station and ferry terminal, along with retail outlets.

The second phase comprises a commercial hub that includes office towers, service apartments, a hotel and waterfront amenities.

Mansor said the state government would give top priority in assisting the Federal Government in expediting construction work.

“The project developers should let us know immediately if there is anything holding up the project.

“If there is any problem, we will make it our priority to help resolve it as soon as possible,” he said yesterday.

Mansor said the integrated transportation hub covering 12ha of land near the Butterworth ferry terminal was vital for economic activities in Butterworth and surrounding areas.

He said that along with the Second Penang Bridge project, the expansion work on the Penang International Airport and Mengkuang Dam, the Penang Sentral project was critical for Penang.

“It is an integral component in the Greater Penang Transformation Pro-gramme to generate economic activities for the people,” he said.

The Penang Sentral project, deve-loped by Malaysian Resources Cor-poration Berhad (MRCB) in partnership with Pelaburan Hartanah Bu-miputera Berhad, is part of the Nor-thern Corridor Economic Region initiative.

Both companies formed a joint venture company, called Penang Sentral Sdn Bhd, which would un-dertake the development of the transport and commercial hub.

Last November, MRCB executive director Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid said the first phase would be ready by December 2013, while the second, third and final phases would be completed in 10 years.

The transport hub, when com- pleted by 2020, is expected to gene-rate economic spillover effects of about RM8bil and would cater to approximately 65 million passengers a year.

A RM5mil temporary bus terminal was completed near the project site in March 2008.

The former bus terminal, sited at the Penang Port Commission (PPC) Complex, could not be used after fire razed the complex in May 2001.

Courses to help co-op members brush up their business skills

CO-OPERATIVE members in the retail business should attend Penang’s free short courses on financial management to further improve their business acumen, said Deputy Chief Minister I Datuk Mansor Othman.

He said the state government, together with Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Bhd (Angkasa) and the Malaysian Co-operatives Commission (SKM), started a series of courses for co-operative members in Penang.

“We want our co-operative members to have basic knowledge in financial planning and management so that they can go far in their respective businesses.

“These courses can help them to better manage their organisations, finances and time, as well as enhance their customer relations,” he said at Taman Selat Pasar Aneka Co-operative Association Butterworth’s Hari Raya open house in Rope Walk Bagan last Tuesday.

Mansor said the state had so far organised five such courses in Penang this year.

He added that a pool of lecturers from Angkasa and SKM conducted the day-long courses.

He said some co-operative members had the misconception that they need not attend courses as they already had necessary experience in running a business.

He said: “Learning is a lifelong process and they should grab the opportunity to gain more knowledge to enhance their business.”

Mansor said the state would hold a two-day course on financial ma-nagement in Langkawi, Kedah, this month.

He added that Penang-based co-operatives would be given booths to trade at the state-level Farmers, Fishermen and Livestock Breeders Day 2011 celebrations at the Seberang Jaya expo site between Oct 27 and Oct 30.

Earlier, Koperasi Pasar Aneka Taman Selat chairman Nasoruddin Shah Mat requested the state to help repair a segment of the dilapidated zinc roofing and gutters at Rope Walk Bagan, noting that the roofing often leaked during a downpour.

He said: “We also hope the state can help us install some ceiling fans in our trading area, which gets rather humid on a hot day.”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Masyarakat Cina Mainkan Peranan Singnifikan Dalam Pembangunan Pulau Pinang: Mansor

Pulau Pinang: " Tiada siapa yang dapat menafikan peranan penting yang signifikan yang dimainkan oleh masayarakat Cina di Pulau Pinang" demikian yang ditegaskan oleh Mansor Othman, Timbalan Ketua Menteri (1) melalui mesej facebook ketika hadir bersama dalam sambutan 136 tahun Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Pulau Pinang dekat sini.

Beliau juga berkata peranan yang penting masyarakat Cina dan kestabilan politik telah membuatkan Pulau Pinang maju ke hadapan. Untuk itu, masyarakat Cina di Pulau Pinang diseru untuk terus membantu merancakan pembangunan ekonomi di Pulau Pinang.

Menurut Mansor, ekonomi Pulau Pinang telah meningkat maju sehingga berjaya mencatatkan pertumbuhan ekonomi yang memberangsangkan. Beliau berharap dalam masa yang sama usahawan dari komuniti Tionghua dapat membantu menunaikan tanggungjawab sosial dengan memperuntukan bantuan kepada badan-badan kebajikan tanpa mengira kaum dan agama.

Masa depan Pulau Pinang terletak kepada kebolehan anak-anak muda yang ada di Pulau Pinang, Justeru, beliau berharap agar anak-anak muda tanpa mengira kaum perlu menceburi bidang perniagaan. Beliau berkata bahawa orang Islam percaya 9 daripada 10 rezeki terletak dalam bidang perniagaan.

Monday, September 26, 2011

PKR: Pakatan perlu selesai isu hudud dengan rasional

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 Sept — Naib Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Datuk Mansor Othman berkata parti komponen Pakatan Rakyat tidak boleh meletakkan emosi dalam menyelesaikan isu berkaitan dengan hukum hudud.

Justeru kata beliau, pelaksanaan undang-undang hudud seharusnya dibincangkan di meja musyawarah Pakatan Rakyat.

“Kita tidak boleh meletakkan emosi di hadapan, tetapi meletakan rasional terlebih dahulu. Perkara ini bukan baru, sebelum kewujudan Pakatan Rakyat, kita telah menyaksikan pertembungan yang serupa,” kata beliau dalam satu kenyataan dikeluarkan hari ini.

Mansor (gambar) yang juga Timbalan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang berkata, rakyat telah memilih untuk berubah daripada menyokong Barisan Nasional (BN) kepada pentadbiran Pakatan Rakyat pada 2008 dan banyak catatan kejayaan di empat negeri ini telah membuatkan rakyat gembira.

“Namun begitu kita tidak harus berpuas hati. Hakikatnya Pakatan Rakyat telah mentadbir empat negeri dengan jayanya.

“Rakyat sudah merasai nikmat perubahan, kita di Pakatan Rakyat telah membuktikan bahawa kita mampu memberikan perkhidmatan yang jauh lebih baik daripada BN,” kata beliau lagi.

Sehubungan itu kata Mansor, kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat harus menginsafi bahawa harapan rakyat terhadap perikatan tiga parti ini sangat tinggi sebagai penganti kepada BN.

Katanya, tidak wajar sekiranya parti-parti komponen Pakatan Rakyat terus terperangkap dengan perkara yang berulang-ulang.

“Tiba masanya kita menginsafi bahawa harapan rakyat yang berada di bahu kita adalah satu tanggungjawab dan amanah yang besar.

“Justeru saya berharap agar pertemuan pemimpin-peminmpin Pakatan Rakyat pada Rabu ini akan digunakan sebaiknya untuk mencari kesepakatan yang terbaik untuk memastikan harapan rakyat yang mahukan Malaysia yang lebih baik terlaksana,” katanya.

Semalam, Ketua Umum Pakatan Rakyat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mengumumkan Majlis Pimpinan perikatan itu akan bermesyuarat lusa bagi membincangkan isu berkenaan.

Dua komponen Pakatan Rakyat iaitu DAP dan PAS berkeras dengan pendirian masing-masing mengenai isu hudud.

Hudud: Don't be emotional, Pakatan told

Hudud: Don't be emotional, Pakatan told

Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman has called for emotions to be put aside when dealing with the sensitive issue of hudud law, which is currently threatening to split the Pakatan Rakyat.

The issue surrounding the law has been raised time and again to challenge the individual stand of Pakatan allies, with DAP and PAS at loggerheads on the matter.

Mansor (left), who is state PKR chief, said rational thought should always come first, before any attempt is made to talk about or discuss the Muslim law, which the Kelantan government is planning to implement.

He said the controversy surrounding hudud, which Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat wants to incoporate in the syariah court system, was nothing new, and the problem has existed long before Pakatan was formed.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim turned the tables on Umno instead, and accused the of “hypocrisy” in playing up the issue in front of non-Muslim audiences while attacking Pakatan as “traitors to their religion” for “consorting with non-Muslims”.

“We have been witnessing the same conflict before. I urge everyone to put aside their emotions and be rational in discussing the matter,” Nawar told Malaysiakini.

Recently, Nik Aziz, who is PAS spiritual leader, said he was prepared to continue with the decision to see hudud law implemented, even if DAP leaves Pakatan.

DAP, on the other hand, has retaliated by saying that it was ready to leave Pakatan if PAS continued to be adamant about implementing hudud, as it was never agreed to in the Buku Jingga, the coalition's common policy framework.

The secular party had quit the Barisan Alternatif opposition coalition in 2001, at the height of the Sarawak election, and the latter suffered its worst defeat in the 2004 general election.

Mansor, who is Penanti assemblyperson, said the implementation of the controversial law should be discussed at the table among Pakatan alllies before any action is taken.

Inappropriate to continue being 'trapped'

He said it was inappropriate for Pakatan to continue being “trapped” whenever the issue was raised, especially in the media.

“It is time we realise that the rakayat has placed such big hopes, trust and responsibilities on our shoulders,” he said.

“I hope the Pakatan leaders meeting on Sept 28, this Wednesday, will be used properly to find the best opportunity to ensure that the hopes of the rakyat to see a better Malaysia can be implemented,” he added.

Mansor said the people's choice to discontinue supporting the Barisan Nasional resulted in Pakatan governing four states following the 2008 general election.

Within the three years, Pakatan has recorded many successes in these states, which has made brought the people happiness.

However, he warned against being “too complacent” and urged Pakatan leaders to continue providing the best services to the people.

“We must also realise that the people's hope in us is as high as the mountain that we become, as a viable alternative to BN,” he added.


23 Sep[tember 2011: Wakil Sebenar Bangsa Malaysia, inilah antara yang disebutkan oleh wakil masyarakat India ketika bertemu dengan YB Dato' Mansor bin hj Othman. Perjumpaan yang dihadiri hampir 20 orang wakil masyarakat India ini mengetengahkan pelbagai isu masyarakat India di Pulau Pinang.

Majlis perjumpaan yang turut dihadiri oleh YB Abd Malik, EXCO Kerajaan Negeri dan YB Raveentaran, ADUN Batu Uban telah memberikan ruang untuk warga masyarakat India mengetengahkan permasalahan dan kaedah mengatasi masalah yang dihadapi oleh masyarakat India di Pulau Pinang.

Hasil daripada perjumpaan ini telah memutuskan agar satu majlis sambutan Depavalli peringkat Pulau Pinang akan diadakan. Majlis tersebut akan dihadiri oleh segenap lapisan pemimpin politik dan masyarakat.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wajar Tukar Pinjaman PTPTN ke Biasiswa Rakyat: Mansor

Bersempena Hari Malaysia yang merupakan cuti umum, pihak kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang telah menganjurkan Majlis Penyerahan Wang Bantuan Ke IPTA bagi seluruh Seberang Perai. YB Dato Mansor telah menyampaikan sumbangan kepada 548 orang penerima sumbangan bagi daerah Seberang Perai Tengah.

Dalam ucapan beliau telah menyentuh tentang pentingnya pelajaran dan melahirkan penghargaan kepada semua para ibu bapa dan guru-guru yang telah bertungkus lumus memastikan kejayaan anak-anak Pulau Pinang.

Dalam masa yang sama beliau turut menggesa Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk memansuhkan pinjaman PTPTN dan mencadangkan agar diwujudkan Biasiswa Rakyat. Ini kerana menurut beliau, terdapat kebimbangan para pelajar dan ibu bapa tentang masa depan generasi yang meannggung hutang sebelum mendapat pekerjaan.

Mansor juga membuat seruan kepada kerajaan persekutuan untuk menjadikan Pulau Pinang sebagai hub pendidikan yang cemerlang. Ini kerana Pulau Pinang telah terbukti sebagai pusat pendidikan yang bertaraf antarabangsa seperti wujudnya Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Wawasan Universiti dan pelbagai lagi pusat pengajian tinggi yang unggul.
Tawaran kerjasama tersebut adalah bagi memastikan Pulau Pinang terus maju dalam memacu kecemerlangannya. Ini kerana menurut beliau Pulau Pinang akan terus maju dan mengorak langkah sekiranya Pulau Pinang terus mengekalkan bakat-bakat penting yang mampu membawa Pulau Pinang terus maju ke hadapan.

Berikut adalah Teks Ucapan penuh YB Dato Mansor ketika merasmikan majlis tersebut.


Monday, September 19, 2011

5,000 saksikan perarakan kemerdekaan

BUTTERWORTH 16 Sept. - Lebih 5,000 orang membanjiri Dataran Pemuda dekat sini untuk menyaksikan majlis Perhimpunan dan Perarakan Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-54 peringkat negeri hari ini.

Sebanyak 100 kontinjen daripada pelbagai agensi kerajaan, swasta, institusi pengajian tinggi (IPT), pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) termasuk kumpulan pancaragam menyertai perarakan itu.

Majlis yang diadakan serentak bersama Hari Malaysia itu turut dihadiri oleh Yang Dipertua Negeri, Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas dan isteri, Toh Puan Majimor Sharif.

Pengunjung juga dipertunjukkan dengan perarakan motosikal berkuasa besar dan kenderaan milik beberapa agensi kerajaan seperti Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat serta Pos Malaysia.

Majlis itu turut diserikan dengan bacaan ikrar oleh pelajar Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Dato' Onn serta persembahan koir oleh pelajar SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman, Nibong Tebal.

Dalam pada itu kontinjen Perbadanan Pembangunan Pulau Pinang (PDC) mengungguli pertandingan perarakan terbaik bagi kategori sektor awam dan Telekom Malaysia muncul juara bagi kategori sektor swasta sementara kontinjen Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) bagi kategori IPT.

Kontinjen lain yang muncul juara adalah Kadet Polis SMK Datuk Haji Ahmad Said, Kepala Batas bagi kategori beruniform dan kadet sementara kontinjen SMJK Jit Sin mengungguli kategori pancaragam.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Kepada seluruh anak-anak yang akan menghadapi peperiksaan UPSR, PMR, dan STAM: Selamat Menghadapi Peperiksaan, Dengan Iringan Doa Semoga Berjaya.

Thursday, September 8, 2011



Hari ini 10 Ramadhan 1432 H yang merupakan tarikh penting dalam kalendar Islam iaitu peristiwa Pembukaan Kota Mekah (bahasa Arab: فتح مكة, Fathu Makkah). Pembukaan Kota Mekkah bermaksud pembebasan Kota Mekah daripada pengaruh, amalan dan cengkaman jahliyah. Sebelum pembukaan Kota Mekah dikuasai, ia telah menjadi pusat penyembahan berhala dan lain-lain amalan tradisi masyarakat Arab jahiliyah.

Setelah lapan tahun berhijrah ke Madinah, Nabi Muhammad SAW beserta 10,000 orang tentera Islam kembali dan menguasai Mekah secara keseluruhan, sekaligus menghancurkan berhala yang ditempatkan di dalam dan sekitar Kaabah pada 10 Ramadan 8 H bersamaan Januari 630 M
Apabila Rasulullah SAW memasuki Mekah, Rasulullah melakukan tawaf, mencium Hajar Aswad dan memusnahkan berhala yang terdapat di sekeliling Kaabah. Baginda juga memasuki Kaabah dan mencuci dinding Kaabah dengan air zam-zam. Selain itu, baginda memaafkan dan membebaskan penduduk Mekah yang pernah menentang Islam.

Marilah kita mengambil semangat daripada peristiwa penting ini untuk sama-sama membantu kaum muslimin yang lain untuk keluar dari kesengsaraan dan penderitaan seperti yang dialami di Somalia saat ini. Justeru itu saya mencadangkan agar diwujudkan satu Tabung Khas Zakat Malaysia bagi membantu negara-negara Islam yang mengalami bencana dan kebuluran. Buat masa ini Pulau Pinang adalah satu-satunya negeri di Malaysia yang telah menubuhkan Tabung Iwaza yang memperuntukan 1% daripada kutipan zakat tahunan untuk disalurkan kepada negara-negara Islam yang memerlukan bantuan. Bantuan kepada negara-negara Islam yang mengalami bencara buat masa ini hanya bersifat “ad-hock” sahaja.

Oleh yang demikian, saya berharap agar lontaran idea untuk menubuhkan satu Tabung Khas Zakat Malaysia seperti yang dibuat di Pulau Pinang ini dapat dibincangkan secara serius oleh Majlis Agama Islam di negeri-negeri yang lain. Saya yakin dengan adanya tabung khas ini dapatlah nantinya membantu menyelaraskan bantuan zakat yang dikutip di seluruh negara untuk membantu umat Islam di negara-negara Islam yang lain yang memerlukan bantuan dan mengeluarkan umat Islam daripada lingkaran kemiskinan.


Timbalan Ketua Menteri (1) Pulau Pinang

Friday, September 2, 2011


Rumah terbuka aidilfitri Dato' Mansor Hj Othman dan Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah berlansung meriah pada 1 September 2011 bersamaan dengan 3 Syawal 1432H dengan kehadiran lebih 5000 pengunjung yang terdiri dari pelbagai kaum.

Majlis turut diserikan dengan kehadiran Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Dato' Seri Utama Dr. HJ Abdul Rahman Bin HJ Abas (Yang Dipertua Negeri Pulau Pinang) dan isteri.

Turut hadir pada majlis tersebut ialah beberapa Exco Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang, Ahli-ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, Ahli-Ahli Parlimen, Ahli-Ahli Majlis, Ketua-ketua Jabatan, Para Pegawai Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang dan tidak ketinggalan pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat Negeri dan Pusat.

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